An ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 21001:20018 Certified Institution

002Certificate in Office2 Months
003Certificate in Tally + GST3 Months
004Certificate in ā€˜Cā€™ Programming3 Months
005Certificate Course in C++3 Months
006Certificate Course in PHP3 Months
007Certificate Course in Python3 Months
008Certificate Course in JAVA3 Months
009Certificate Course in UI/UX Design3 Months
010Certificate Course in Digital Marketing6 Months
011Certificate Course in Cyber Security3 Months
012Certificate in Desktop Publishing3 Months
013Certificate Course in Kids2 Months
014Certificate Course in Accounting3 Months
015Certificate in AutoCAD(2D/3D)3 Months
016Certificate Course in Designing3 Months
017Certificate Course in Visual Basic3 Months
018Diploma in Computer Application6 Months
019Diploma in Web Designing6 Months
020Diploma in Fashion Designing6 Months
021Diploma Course in Animation(2D/3D)6 Months
022Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application12 Months
023Advance Diploma in Hardware Eng. & Networking1 Year
024Certificate Course in Data Analytics6 Months
025Certificate Course in Data Science6 Months
026Certificate Course in HTML3 Months
027Certificate Course in CSS3 Months
028Certificate Course in C#3 Months
029Certificate Course in JavaScript3 Months
030Certificate Course in Node Js3 Months
031Certificate Course in Angular Js3 Months
032Certificate Course in React Native3 Months
033Certificate Course in Flutter6 Months
034Certificate Course in Fullstack6 Months
035Certificate Course in SMO 3 Months
036Certificate Course in SEO3 Months
037Certificate Course in iOS Development3 Months
038Certificate Course in Android Application3 Months
039Certificate Course in WordPress3 Months
040Diploma in Accounting6 Months
041Certificate Course in Magento3 Months
042Diploma in C/C++ Programming6 Months
043Advance Diploma in Animation12 Months
044Diploma in Computer Hardware Eng6 Months
045Diploma in Computer Networking6 Months
046Diploma in Computer Teacher Training1 Year
047Advance Diploma in Art in Web & Animation1 Year
048Advance Diploma in Computer Application1 Year
049Diploma in Computer Office Management1 Year
050Certificate Course in Internet3 Months
051Certificate in CorelDraw3 Months
052Certificate in Photoshop3 Months
053Certificate in Visual Basic3 Months
054Certificate Course in ASP.NET3 Months
055Certificate in Spoken English3 Months
056Certificate in Tally Master3 Months
057Certificate in English Typing3 Months
058Certificate in Mobile Repairing3 Months
059Certificate in Window server3 Months
060Certificate in Linux2 Months
061Certificate Course in Unix2 Months
062Certificate Data Entry Operator3 Months
063Certificate Course in Web Multimedia3 Months
064Diploma in Fashion Designing6 Months
065Diploma in Beauty Parlour6 Months
066Certificate Course in Computer Typing English 40 WPM (9000 KDPH)2 Months
067Certificate Course in Computer Typing Marathi 30 WPM (8000 KDPH)2 Months
068Certificate Course in Computer Typing Gujrati 30 WPM (8000 KDPH)2 Months
069Certificate Course in Computer Typing Oriya 30 WPM (8000 KDPH)2 Months
070Certificate Course in Data Entry English 40 WPM (9000 KDPH)2 Months
071Certificate Course in Data Entry Marathi 30 WPM (8000 KDPH)2 Months
072Certificate Course in Data Entry Gujrati 30 WPM (8000 KDPH)2 Months
073Certificate Course in Data Entry Oriya 30 WPM (8000 KDPH)2 Months
074Certificate Course in Cisco Routing2 Months
075Certificate Course in Server Admin MCITP2 Months
076Certificate course in Core Networking2 Months
077Certificate course in Social Media Networking2 Months
078Certificate Course in Computer Appreciation Course (CAC)2 Months
079Certificate in Data Entry Operations(CDEO)2 Months
080Certificate Course in J2EE2 Months
081Certificate Course in Software Testing (CCST)2 Months
082Certificate Course in Adobe Photoshop2 Months
083Certificate Course in Adobe Illustrator2 Months
084Certificate Course in Adobe In design2 Months
085Certificate Course in Adobe Premier2 Months
086Advanced Diploma in Information Technology6 Months
087Diploma in Desktop Publishing (DDTP)6 Months
088Diploma In Digital Graphics and Digital Photography6 Months
089Advanced Diploma in Professional Accounting (ADPA)6 Months
090Diploma in Secretarial Practice (DCSP)6 Months
091Diploma in Office Automation (DOA)6 Months
092Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design (ADGD)6 Months
093Diploma in Multimedia & Animation6 Months
094Diploma in Software Testing (DST)6 Months
095Diploma in Chip Level Technology (DCLT)6 Months
096Diploma in Computer Engineering Design (DCED)6 Months
097Diploma in Computerized Interior Design (DCID)6 Months
098Diploma in Computerized Fashion Design (DCFD)6 Months
099Advance Diploma in Multimedia & Authoring Technology6 Months
100Diploma in Web Page Designing & Web Development6 Months
101Diploma in Laptop Maintenance & Wi-Fi Networking6 Months
102Diploma in Information Technology(DIT)6 Months
103Diploma In Business Accounting And Taxation6 Months
104Diploma In Comp Application & Desktop Printing6 Months
105Diploma In Dtp & Print Technology6 Months
106Diploma In Graphic Designing &Animation6 Months
107Diploma In Digital Art6 Months
108Certificate In VB-Oracle Or VB-SQL6 Months
109Certificate In E-Commerce/Mobile Commerce6 Months
110Diploma in Call Centre Management (DCCM)1 Year
111Diploma in Audio Video Editing & Composing (DAVEC)1 Year
112Certificate in Information Technology and Banking (CITB)3 Months
113Certificate in Basics of Banking and Risk Management (CBBRM)3 Months
114Certificate in Banking Operations (CBO)3 Months
115Certificate in Non – Banking Finance Company Operations (CNBFCO)3 Months
116Certificate for Debt Recovery Agents (CDRA)3 Months
117Certificate in Banking and Financial Services (CBFS)3 Months
118Certificate for Micro Finance Professionals (CMFP)3 Months
119Certificate for Junior Finance Associate (CJFA)3 Months